Monday, 10 February 2014

Beginners guide to Tokyo Pink Salons

What are 'Pink Salons'?

A pink salon, or pinsaro for short, is a type of brothel in Japan which specialises in oral sex.
A pink salon is unusual in that the service is offered in small booths within a large open-plan room. The client is served soft drinks or alcoholic beverages by the "companion" who performs fellatio on him. There may also be additional activities such as fingering the "companion".

Are they legal?

Yes. Prostitution in Japan is illegal , but Japanese law has a rather Clintonesce few to sex. Fellatio isn't classed as sex. Only contact between genitals is included in the prostitution laws. In fact, anal sex is legal too as it isn't genital to genital.

How much does it cost?

A twenty minute session with one girl is between $30 and $50 dollars. A two girl session ( one after another) is double that. Prices vary at times of day or night. Day times of course cheaper.

Are foreigners welcome ?

Unfortunately , most establishments don't allow foreigners . However, there are a few places that will welcome foreigners. A quick web search will point you to these places. 

What happens?

After you have paid you are led to a booth.The BGM is usually high tempo dance music.  The booths are slightly partitioned , but the privacy levels are minimal. You will be given a drink. Sometimes alcoholic or other times oolong tea. An announcement is made instructing a girl to your booth "Kana, booth number 4 please!" Soon you will be joined by your companion. She will be dressed in a flimsy dress or lingerie. She will had you a sterilised hand towel and place some more towels on the small table opposite.  After some small chit chat she will ask "Shall we begin?" You then lower your pants, she will strip of completely then she will give your parts a thorough  clean with one of the towels. You can touch, finger and even lick her pussy if you wish while she gives you a blow job. After you have cum in her mouth, she cleans up and goes off for a mouthwash.   

Often an announcement on the sound system will boom "Congratulations Kana and booth number 4!"

She will then return smelling of mouthwash to thank you and lead you to the door. A bow and a cute wave at the stairway and all finished. A bizarre but enjoyable 30 minutes or so!